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Tuesday, April 11th 2017. | Bathroom Ideas

In your bathroom fresh you want to give a new look Because the bathroom is outdated and you want to buy a house Do not we want to sell your home if you want to renew the toilet will get a better price? Bathroom, if not the cheapest room in the house, you can make a change, but it really does not have an arm and a leg to you. You have to skillfully plan that if you have your own efforts, there are many ways to avoid the cost of the bathroom. Take a look at these ideas and reshape your bathroom in a narrow budget.

Renovated Farmhouse Bathroom - Bathroom Design Ideas

Renovated Farmhouse Bathroom

Check the tiles

Old tiles, grooved tiles stone broken or broken, lost the appearance of the toilet. When the first amendment to fix all the things you need, you will be amazed to improve. Knowing how to groat the tiles and modify does not take a long time. Please a little trial and wrong practice. You can go and do it yourself. Tiles are the main, patient, and this is the accuracy of the observation that does not affect. This is not what you can get to work.

Sometimes, by changing the color of the tiles, you can completely change the feel of the bathroom. Efforts to do this is probably worth it, the tiles are quite affordable for the general budget Rinobeta. If there is a need to modify the grouting, tile grouting, tile grout, whitening cement, please refer to the mud cleaning.

Repaint the walls

The new paint will change the room. If your bathroom walls are covered with wallpaper, remove the old paper in the steamer (you can rent a weekend). If you paint the paint, by gently polish and clean, make sure there are no molds or moisture on the wall before you draw. If there is a regular mold, check the source and add a mildew to paint.

These paint (molded, tiles, such as wood) parts and furniture, you do not want to paint, put the paint on the bath or shower cover the tape, please use the cloth to prevent the paint from scattering to wipe. Due to the appearance of the dirt paint, please avoid them first.

Neutral color, selling the house especially when it is ideal for the bathroom style of longevity. Cream, Beju, white, sticky to other light, add color toilet use accessories.

In contrast to the color of the paint, such as the threshold and the bathroom cabinet window, consider highlighting the right and correct place.

If you want to really save a lot, wait for the sale of paint. If you know a painter, if you buy for me, you may be able to get the transaction price.

Refurbish wood cabinets

Tree to the existing cabinet is placed on the beach, or dye it, the tree in the sand, and re-paint the color to match the bathroom walls. To use a waterproof latex paint, consider using a white paint.

Painting, dyeing or painting before repairing the damaged or damaged wooden parts. Depression can be painted with the same color of the wood putty coating. Loose part, please firmly fixed firmly. In order to avoid more loose, loose those should be screwed to the wall or other backing.

Towels, curtains, use of the carpet, you can add shades of color in the decoration after the room.

Refinish the wood trim around the windows and floor.

Instead of buying a new piece of wood, please carefully remove the old decor. Stripped with hot air gun paint, re-paint the peeled sand, please apply for paint. Pruning a small part of the cost looks new.

Replace your hardware fixtures

New cabinet and door handles, please buy new towel rack and a new lighting fixture. When you add a new mirror, your bathroom will be in all the new figure. Or shop in the flea market and junk shop, or check the freaks through the sea, online auctions, you can find antique and modern shops.

Please never underestimate the power of the door handle change. Dirty old cabinet re-painted, you can like (using modern handle) the overall handle of the change is completely new cabinet. Paint, varnish, topcoat, such as mosaic, you can change surprisingly.

Buy a do-it-yourself plumbing kit

You can upgrade the shower in the afternoon and the bathtub lamps. Most of these kits are equipped with a very detailed description.

Click on / faucet, shower head, replace soap stand, can really lift the toilet. You can easily repair, but some brass and some silver look, please be sure to match some colors and differences.

When you change the shower room, how do you do if the bus does not want to exchange? However, the color is inconsistent? In order to look away from the difference is not, please try to match the color paint or re-stitching. In the case of a bathtub, these can be re-painted with a lot of complaints and professional paint. If necessary, the plastic or acrylic resin bath can also change the color.

Use your existing flooring

In order to cry health (or lack), people always look at the bathroom floor. So it is paid in the best possible way to present.

If there is wooden floor in the bathroom, please use the weekend to help decorate the floor on the Thunder. After grinding, take two or three sheets of varnish. Your floor looks completely new.

If you have one or more layers on the floor of the old linoleum, the linoleum is removed (using a sharp knife), or repair the floor under the wooden floor, replace the cheap vinyl tiles for you.

The number one rule – especially if you are selling the place, please remove the carpet from the bathroom. It was a few decades ago in the carpet bathroom where it was popular, but it was not far away because the cause of the buyers and the wet and mold lecture was attractive. Tiles and wooden floors, creating a better choice for the bathroom floor.


All the towels, curtains, please replace the carpet. Newly bought shower curtains and curtain rings. You all buy separately, you can adjust the set of shopping. Add some photos and patches on the wall (but please do not overdo it). Newly bought nuisance and rubbish. Even if you do not touch the walls and floors, the combination of new accessories can enhance your bathroom appearance.

Bathroom Design Ideas Images

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