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Maybe you move to a new house or apartment where you want to find a way to those great bedrooms, and even you hate that you might work in the final messy bedroom design. Whatever the reason, your bedroom is one of your bedroom houses because they spend a lot of time and can feel the kindness of sleep and relaxation, which is welcome and is a well designed space we want to make sure.

Bedroom with toile wallpaper

Bedroom with toile wallpaper

Measure the space

Once you know it is possible to walk around in the room how rough, take out the tape, please write down the length and width of the whole room. Doors and windows, and focus on the wardrobe, bathroom space.

This is your bed, bedside cabinet and will help you determine the other accents of the furniture you are trying to buy the size of the room.

If you have already used the furniture you own, by measuring the space, which will help determine whether the layout of the existing furniture is not suitable for the already selected furniture, it must be removed.

These measurements are made to ensure that there is enough space to easily move through furniture and indoors.

Draw a layout

You can fine-tune or adjust the layout before you move all the furniture in the paperboard layout, without the bed and the side tables move.

This is whether you should save all existing furniture and can also help you to delete items that are not suitable for that layout.

If you decide to paint on the wall, it does not need to put all the furniture from the room again. Until you determine the color scheme and layout of your room, please go back to your room in your room.

Think about the circulation of the room

This is how to move around or a person, which means you think about moving the room. You get the passage of those who feel around the room. The purpose is, but try to be as easy as possible to access the bathroom and wardrobe area, please keep enough space to walk on both sides of your bed.

Please consider how your and your partner are visiting wardrobe and bathroom. You are an early riser, but if your partner is not in the case you will be easier to go in the dark bathroom, making it easier to access the wardrobe bedside.

Size and layout of the bedroom, which depends on the needs of the passengers, please try the simple cycle, the side of the room on the basis of the entrance. Most of the hotels, an open functional layout is possible, there is a simple floor plan.

The private bathroom (the bathroom is not connected to the bedroom) has an outside in the bedroom, or the flow of the plan will be a bit difficult. If you have any of these layouts in your bedroom, it is necessary to focus on maintaining easy to move the complex space.

If you want to design a layout from scratch in your new home bedroom, please note where to place the toilet in your bedroom closet. Before the bathroom or closet is installed in the bedroom, you need a long corridor. However, if the organization circulates the toilet and wardrobe can be accessed from the bedroom, another corridor is not necessary and can save space.

Consider where the windows in the room are, or the view

You will experience, rather than straight looking at the bed, and if it is comfortable from the window view, the bedroom is welcome more often than relaxing.

The view of the nice windows, so hide the good natural light, which can give a warm room, it will not block the small window.

Design shade, such as long curtains or shutters added at any time to make daytime lights, you can keep your privacy at night.

Decide where your bed is going to go

Because your bed is an important part of your bedroom furniture, by determining whether it can be anywhere in the room, it will help you decide whether the other accents are appropriate. In view of the cycle, the bed has two big possibilities.

On your bedroom door opposite the door. The window is not closed on the bed, because there is a very simple room open to the flow, creating the beauty of the room into the room.

The longest wall along the room. The presence of most of the bedrooms is not one of the lengths of the windows by the windows. This layout, there is enough space to place on one side of the bed.

Determine if you are going to have a dresser in the room

Next to the room Large furniture is your dresser or armor. If you have a wardrobe, you do not need to worry about this furniture item. Dresser, there are a variety of deployment options, such as the following.

In your bed in the corner of the room. When you put the dresser in the corner, please note that there is the possibility of open space damage. Please adjust the table over the table.

If you are using a wide range of breasts and nurses, you can play a dual function of the TV cabinet. In this case, it is easier to watch TV, you can place the chest and the nurses directly on the other side of the bed.

If the dresser and low chest, will bed the edge and be easy to access, let’s turn it on the wall.

Choose your accent furniture.

As the largest furniture products are placed in the room, the side tables are on the sides of the chair, the chairs on both sides of the accent, please check for spare bulbs.

Depending on the size of the room, you can also put a small table and chair in the room. Bed behind the soft chairs, or you can put your seats in excess of the closet.

Bedroom Design Ideas Images

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