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Wednesday, April 12th 2017. | Decorating Ideas

The new house is a blank canvas. We have the opportunity to change to the room you want to worship a strange space. Whether you are tired of the old space, whether you are moving to a new space, the decoration is essential to add a trace of coolness and charm. In order to get the best results, combined with small details, please try to change the big aspects of your hou.

Make ferns your theme

Make ferns your theme

Paint your wall

If you live in a rented space, this may not be a choice. However, if possible, draw your house’s walls, so obviously the appearance, it will be one of the fastest ways to get a little bit of interest. It complements your personality, please choose the color that suits your space. If you are a fun and comfortable, consider golden or light green. Quietly Gray or blue tones may be your pace. As the paint is not permanent, please try the color until you find your favorite looks!

Please do not be afraid, paint all kinds of colors to your home. It does not need bright colors to many different, but if you draw every room, different colors are perfectly fit.

It is not the same as the previous style, but you can use the wallpaper accent wallpaper, if it is necessary to add a little pattern. You are also a wall like a wallpaper sticking to the wall, but sticking to the wall if you are afraid that the wallpaper’s durability is detachable.

If you are not ready to paint the whole room, try adding wall accents. This is when only the paint in the room is only one wall. Often, and the walls pay a lot of attention, it is bright and cheerful or the color is suitable for your interior.

Try new furniture

The most important aspect of furniture decoration is sure. If furniture is used in the same case, and lacks these years, please consider putting new furniture in the house. Please choose a comfortable piece of color and style to match to your personality. Please do not shop mode is not afraid to try any other than you set. Furniture, showing the real personality, because it is a sales, your space than you want to pick up the dull floor-style furniture is very suitable.

Please do not be afraid to buy secondhand furniture from the junk shop. It is easy to re-understand the re-painting once they meet your space.

Rather than just using a matching set of matching, matching sets of furniture. A more unique look, you may save money in the process.

Use decorative storage

No, you are organized to be incredible, and will be part of Hodak’s things, we need to enter the store for everything that everyone. It instead of pushing the lower back and wardrobe bed, try using a storage decoration instead. Hollow center, entertainment center entrance, please look for the foot pad stored in a large bookcase and a small house thing. If you use an attractive storage space, you can have two birds with a stone.

Use a shoebox in your store to buy a fabric or paint a box to create a mature solution to the storage problem.

Reform the old furniture and decor

If you do not have enough money to buy a new furniture apartment, please let your conversion to the current furniture. In the kitchen or bathroom, or paint a new color to the cabinet, please try to dye. Re-wipe the color with a cheap fabric sofa and chair, change the floor by changing the floor. Wooden accent (the end of the furniture, window glass, decoration, door, etc.), can be painted or dyed with bold new colors. Otherwise, move the furniture to a new location,

Hang up works of art

Artwork, engravings, not posters filled the wall, there is no room for it. Please select artwork and complementary colors and themes to print. Natural photo, painting, concert poster, please consider, such as favorite title. I went into the local luggage store or department store’s clearance rack, please select some of your art pieces to match the size of the frame. Then, please hang to your home. Since it is bare wall of the wall, please try to show at least some large works and some works of art are everywhere in your home.

Add your favorite photos and memories

In order to make your family very unique and attractive, your favorite memories, travel, people, please add the location of the box. You can pause the decorative center on its walls through a variety of great photos in your life encountering printing. Or print a small version that can also be placed in the frame standing around the house. People like to watch their favorite photos full of your home while you are relaxing in the posture and you have a good thing to always remind.

You can find your photo in the junk shop’s cheap frame, it can be painted to match your home decor.

In your home gallery, please take pictures of various works of art as much as possible. This allows you to show a lot of favorite works at once, not only to paint, but also to add more personal feelings.

Add a floating frame

In the direct attached to the wall, print and photos, you can hang a small shelf of the shelf. It is best to place small ornaments and decorations. Collect vases from your travels, add fittings, other glass bottles / vases, decorate your shelves in your interior. This is also a good way to show art and photography.

Floating shelves are ideal for a decorative bathroom where you can save a small amount of space for towels.

Use creative lighting

In your home, it may be covered and the colors of the typical light are equipped, usually without interest and personality. New, mixed lighting to buy more decorative options. Find the features you want as the main light source to match the general style of the room, but it is not a very bold one. In your home interspersed with interesting little lights, you can make the light and glare your style. If DIY is interested, you can buy old lights and colors from the recycling shop and paint, with the fabric covered can be fresh look.

Hanging new curtains

Curtain is one of style houses that are not fully decorated. Just a little bit of woodworking, you will install curtain rods that can perfectly add beautiful curtains to match your furniture. Please find a lot of colors and patterns to illuminate your room curtains. If you want to darken the bedroom space, you can add dark curtains and dark curtains to block the light. If you want to see the better space, add a bright color texture curtain.

Please look for pad

The purpose of the carpet is essentially a double: cover the floor with dirty or unattractive flooring and add interest to your floor. Please find the carpet to fill your empty space. These are all so that your house looks full of furniture, and even a bit naked. Please look for the carpet with the colors and patterns to your internal (or too many “matches” seem boring). Furniture can also be arranged on the carpet. To arrange your carpet furniture, there are basically three ways.

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