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Wednesday, April 12th 2017. | Dining Room Ideas

Relax your dining room, relax, relax the Dali, is the heart of the house that allows you to spend time with friends, family and quality. This dress from the rest of the living room seems unstoppable, but with your plan to achieve, it can be very helpful. To understand how, please read this article.

Luxurious summer dining room

Luxurious summer dining room

Determine how to use the dining room

This will help you decide whether to buy, what themes / color schemes are selected and furniture. To purchase the right size of the sofa, so if applicable, it can include any appropriate number of seats to determine who’s the number of people who use the dining room frequently.

Take care of both practical and beautiful use of the room. Please consider the use and appearance of the room. Before planning your renovation budget, please remember these two.

You decide whether you have a TV. Then we can judge where the TV is placed in front of the decoration. Please do not make the glare window too big. In addition, you will need to purchase an entertainment system or bracelet to hold a TV.

Choose a color scheme and style

When choosing a new furniture, it is important to remember that the theme is important. You can also consider changing the color of the wall according to your own preferences. Consider the following ideas for the dining room theme.

Warm voice. Your wall cucumber green paint, buy yellow and orange accents, including armchairs, please throw pillows and artwork. This color scheme, creating a warm and tonic environment calm and colorful.

National English. This includes green, blue, red or gray toyl pattern wallpaper, the Chintzes pattern accent part, elaborate chic furniture, elegant Chinese. In order to avoid being too busy with the dining room, then offset the color of the wings neutral suit.

French country. Just as the English countryside, this style is a combination of colorful patterns and neutral tones, such as stripes and checkers. Find the French vintage soft part, add a deep red, blue accent. More formal appearance, please add elegant drape and glass chandelier.

Make measurements

Before you buy furniture, you need to measure the length and width of the dining room. Where the furniture is placed or to determine the appropriate measurements in the area.

Also, if you want to buy a shelves or cupboards, you need to measure the height of the ceiling.

Get what you need

Whichever style and color scheme you choose, you need the following items to complete the dining room.

coffee table. This will be the center of the room, you can use magazines, books, TV remote control and so on. The sofa should be placed around the coffee table. Accent chair. It adds a feather color and offers an extra seat.

TV or fireplace. These may be useful reference points to determine which direction of your furniture point. If you do not have any of these items, you go to the middle of the coffee table and the chair to each other.

Add decorate

Once you have the essentials, you will need to add a small ornament. Find works of art on the walls, decorations, candles, walls like frames. One or more lights, you may need to provide additional lighting.

Other items, fruit cups, potted plants, vases of vases, also have a wide variety of books and magazines.

Especially if the window is on the street, or hangs curtains, please consider closing the window.

If there is a wooden floor, please consider that you have a large carpet covered on the floor.

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