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Monday, April 10th 2017. | Architecture

Do you decide that want to design your own home? This is not surprising. If you are like the future of most homeowners, but your “dream home” is something that can not be imagined, it is rare to find an existing home for your vision. You need to design your own home, you need to consider a lot of things. Therefore, to take full advantage of this process the biggest, your next home will show you as a dream to go home.

  1. inspiration Before you draw a line, or consult an architect, buy a cool new application software to do it all, please consider your dreams. In the process of the first stage of the legs and frustration of the plate, or not the plan. It is about how to define your wishes. Most of this will know you. After all this is your dream!
  1. Visit your favorite area. They have a reason that it is your favorite because you are there where they like the house and are most likely to be. Please do not consider price and practicality. What you are looking for is what inspires you.
  1. Find a house in the area where you love to sell, we often go out on weekends open house at this stage. Each of them, and give you the inspiration of the function, its characteristic does not move your function. Please note every thing. Then you do not mind the words, or actively hate that this is very important.
  • Take a picture. Please take your favorite building, every corner of your. You will find more detailed photos are not directly seen. After visiting dozens of houses, they will remember what kind of good way you like first.
  • Organization. Although the dream is a good thing, but it is necessary to achieve what kind of vision is essential, if you have been looking for a piece of paper, you want to still exist, it will be more difficult to achieve.
  • Use a graphic that has been bound to a cloth (called Bashiba “Calculator”) to get a sturdy laptop, please stay in the house to finish. Number, which is dominated by graphics, organizes your thoughts page, helps keep the sketch clean. Pictures, quotes, contracts, you can use the number associated with the project, and other things to tape or paste.
  • Your house is dedicated to a few pages immediately, but need – it is not relevant to the three bathrooms or bamboo flooring that is what you need in your home.
  • Discuss one or two different pages to the list of features, hope you choose from a variety of resources, please call this phone your “wish list”. Which is obtained from the shape of a concrete shape that forms up to the Italian tiles.
  1. Now, become a concrete talk about what you love you want, what, here is the time to pay attention.
  • Do you like the life of this city and country?
  • Would you please ask for your needs in a comfortable bungalow, a spacious home or two, a deposit run on children’s space and dog play?
  • A clean and modern line detail you like craftsmanship?
  • Do you think we are satisfied with the construction technology and sustainable development of LEED certified design standards?
  • Perhaps the most important all the price, what is your budget is how much?
  • These questions and begin to focus on the actual steps will help guide you.
  • Can give you the vision of the architect and the details of the building more information, not only may get your design dream, but also to protect the budget.
  1. The location of the search. This is to rub the rubber against the road, or, more precisely, the dirt in the shovel. When you design your dream home, you need to know what you are building.
  • ┬áThe landscape is very important. It is built on the top of the hill and has a different demand and design problem in the flat.
  • The tree has many aspects, solar panels and other energy considerations, of course, it may be very different even for Windows and lighting.
  • The closer the freeway and other noise generating areas are, need to pay attention to its sound than isolated rural areas.
  • Access to utilities and services will vary depending on location. To your choice, please make sure that it contains the place to the general thing
  • ┬áPartition, and realize the dream of a house, you can put the house to compromise the difference between the compromise.
  • With the real estate professionals who can help you from the objective point of view the choice of property to help please.

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