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Thursday, April 13th 2017. | Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. This rice is cooked and you can relax at home. Also in the kitchen decoration, invited, how to warm a lot. Here are some tips you have to decorate.

Rustic white kitchen

Rustic white kitchen

Please choose the overall style of the kitchen

The main way that most people are wrong with the kitchen is that you do not choose a theme. They have a vision here, there is a vision to have (or they will pick up the jockeys when they find it). Together sum up in the kitchen one. Choose a theme that you were responsible for 80% of the fight.

Let your kitchen decorate exquisite, it is important to see pull together. Decide the theme for one of your kitchen, please choose the match with it to do this. Some home improvement stores, the country’s life, it has a whole kitchen decoration based on themes such as French or Art Deco style.

Please use comfortable shades.

If you insist on white people, such as the United States, there are risks at the end of the cold kitchen hospital. Warm, our life, as being loved, please add some cheerful character.

Please give your color a specific location. Seat? illumination? Counter area In addition, please do not feel the pressure to adhere to one. Different colors of the same color will work well together. In order to find the exact correct tone to remove the pressure.

Create a shelf

Because your cabinet is likely to be all over the edge, it is used to accommodate what will be needed for the rest (such as decorative doors). To do this, you have two options.

Floating frame. If you have a wall (maybe), you can easily install a floating shelf. They also make the eyes up. Smaller kitchen, it will be scattered from the cramped room.

Shelves with a cube. It changed the series of boxes on the wall. They are practical in the artist. To add a touch, you decorate (part or box) all kinds of shelves of paper per box. Tada, kitchen innovation.

Use texture to your advantage

When there is a (possibly smooth and flat) at first glance in the kitchen, it can be seen in one dimension. To add extra taste to your cooking space, please work in texture.

Texture container, texture linen, please use wall-mounted or leaching. There is a little here, we will be good at the table, table, to the smoothness of the cabinet.

Add unexpected furniture

The kitchen of the times is just now the kitchen is a long time ago. Now, living room dining room, kitchen public area and restaurant, also for the show. You do not need to accept the lifestyle, but it is not for the kitchen, please consider your boiling kitchen.

China’s cabinets, cabinets or cutlery cabinets are a great way to improve the look of your kitchen. If you have a great job, please pay attention to it. Look, real-time theme! Add shelves, workbenches or other multi-purpose work to help you get. After all, it’s your kitchen.

Please play with the lighting

There may be many choices, not implementations. Depending on the electrical system, there are several different sources of lighting. Every shock your kitchen, you can recover it in life.

Please desk play. They also work at the counter! It adds to the unexpected feeling and warmth in any area. If you feel extra creativity, make a clear glass “light” from the Christmas light string.

Please put the light in your cabinet. Your work is not only shining bright, it looks great. If there is no need for a complete gun, it will be dim light. In other words, it is a romantic and functional.

Try to get a great chandelier. Even if the space is not much, biased drums shade a lot of hanging lights, there is enough fun, did not notice each other. Or, please get some small for more lighting options.

Go to the wall lamp. If there is no room to hang on your counter above the shade or lamp, the wall lamp is a simple way to go. Some people are easy to attach and will be able to provide more light than their size.

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