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Thursday, April 13th 2017. | Living Room Ideas

When designing your living room, you need to consider a lot of things. First of all, decide that you intend to use the living room, it is recommended that you move from there. Depending on whether you want to do in the living room, it will affect the choice of the layout. Follow the guidelines for some furniture, and in your correct lighting room, please make the most living room. In addition to some artwork and some ornamental plants, and put together the room.

Pattern Play

Pattern Play

Determine the function of the living room

Please consider the main features of the living room as much as possible. Do you have space and need kids to play? Are you going to hold a lot of party? Your living room has a large window, you see the wonderful scenery? The function of the room, it should have a great impact on how you design.

If your living room has a natural focus, such as fireplaces and views, please consider the design of the surroundings. To the focus of the seat, everyone looks like this clearly the room. By adding a rotating armchair, it can be easily adapted to the field of indoor entertainment.

Some living rooms are large enough to be divided into two or more areas. The large living room, if necessary for children to play space, please consider the dedication of the indoor playground part. Use coffee table and sofa to create natural divisions between regions.

Keep the cleaning entrance

Please do not be too close to the entrance of the furniture. Adequate gap, need to enter the room for the customer. Please stay away from the factory and other rooms from the entrance to the accent. You, your guests do not want to have something to go into the room. If you have a gap around the entrance, the room will be more attractive.

Make sure you can walk in the room

And organize your furniture, so you can walk around in the conversation. In the design of the living room, guests can have complete control over how to move the room.

Please note the door of the living room. If there is an entrance along the wall and then along the wall of the opposite side of the wall. The two doors facing each other create a natural division in the room, which divides the room into two different areas. If you have more than one entrance, you can divide the room into multiple areas. Multiple areas, it has a special emphasis is carried out separately.

Suitable for the size of the room design

If there is a small living room, please do not pack too many bedrooms. If there is a large living room, you may be hard to use such a big space. Room and how much space attention is necessary. If attached to a small space, need a seat, please consider the combination of floating chair and sofa. It is possible to move the chair and you can keep it flexible. If there is much room for free in your room, you put it into your design. Large open rooms can be welcomed. Even if in any case, to maintain the indoor balance.

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